To Conference Organizers: What we do...What you do

•We bring all necessary recording and duplication equipment
•We need adequate tables.  Normally, based on the number of recorded sessions, this is eight 8-foot tables, to accommodate our bins for the session CDs (upwards of 150 small CD bins).  We also require access to electric for our duplicators, printers, and cash registers.
•We act as a liaison with your speakers, to quickly take care of needs as they arise during the event.
•Our goal is to not interfere with the speaker’s presentation and be as ‘invisible’ as possible aswe do our job. All of this is communicated directly to the speaker.
•In addition to beginning and ending the recording, we also do audio checks to ensure that there are not technical problems with the recording.
•We can also provide a “5 minute” warning to the speakers to help your conference stay on time.
•All speakers are entitled to receive a complementary copy of their session (they must come ask for it).
•We also make available to you as conference organizers, recordings of other speakers with whom you may not have familiarity, so that you have other speakers to consider for upcoming events.  Due to the very nature of what we do, we come in contact with literally hundreds of speakers and have a wealth of knowledge and recordings to make available to you to improve your own event.
•We pay you a royalty based on gross sales above our "expense threshold".  Our standard threshold is $2500, which means the royalty is calculated on sales above that first $2500.  EXAMPLE:  If we had sales at your conference of $7500, and your royalty is 15%, then you would receive 15% of $5000 (that's for sales ABOVE $2500) and that means your royalty would be $750.
•Conference organizers always receive one free set of recordings (either on CD or MP3) and at least a 33% discount on other purchases.