Rhino-Technologies is a family-owned business, operated by Mark and Alice Reinhardt along with their children, Caleb, Corrie, Hannah, Emilie, Abby, Joyce and Freeman, as well as spouses of the older children, and now grandchildren too!!

The Reinhardts have been a homeschooling family since the early 80s.  Mark and Alice were active leaders in their local as well as regional homeschool group, serving also as conference organizers for their regional group. For 16 years Mark managed a local computer store until they felt impressed to begin a family business. In March of 2000, Rhino Technologies was formed. The first year of business was 9 conferences in 5 states. Currently, the  average is about 30 events per year, all over the U-S (ranging from homeschooling, to Christian school, to womens/family conferences, as well as professional groups).  Rhino can record as many as 30 sessions concurrently and serves conferences with over 15,000 attendees.

Because of their experience with serving as conference organizers for their regional group, the Reinhardts can identify with the demands that are put on organizers. They understand what it takes to coordinate and organize a conference. They keep this foremost in their minds while serving you.

Because of their experience and exposure to home-schooling, they can identify with attendee needs at their booth, in answering questions about speakers and/or sessions. They attempt to help attendees with their selections or direct them to specific speaker’s booths. At non-homeschooling events every attempt is made to learn as much as is possible about the sessions, in order to better serve the attendees.

Because of their experience in the business and professional world, they understand the need for professional behavior and the need for excellent communication skills as well as interpersonal management.  Courtesy and Speed are always things that are strived for.