We are  Rhino Technologies, run by the Reinhardts, a homeschool family.  We go to conferences, record the workshop content, on both audio and video where possible, and offer CDs, DVDs, and MP3s to the attendees.  Our services cost you, the event organizer, nothing, and we offer a royalty to you in exchange for the rights to be there to perform our services for you and your attendees.  Our income is wholly based on sales of media at our booth. We’ve been doing this since 2000, and we average about 30 conferences a year, nearly all of them either Homeschool, or Women’s, or Family-Based Conferences of some sort.

Not only do we do the standard audio recording and offer CDs and MP3s, but we also offer video of the main sessions, producing DVDs onsite for attendees to purchase.

Our "normal" base price of media is as follows, though individual modifications can be made.


MP3 files (downloads post-conference)..... $3.00

MP3 Sets (at conference, full set of all sessions).....typically averages $1 per recorded session

We handle all order-fulfillment post-conference, including orders taken at the event, plus any mail-ins or web-based orders.

Royalty checks are typically mailed within 30 days of the event.

Copyright is a three-way street, between us (we recorded it), and the organizer (they produced it) and the speaker (his/her intellectual property).  As such all three entities are free do with anything they like with their recordings once they are made.  Rhino Technologies typically retains the rights to market and sell recordings post-conference, via the internet.


Order placed on this internet are done so on our Secure Site, and we take Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.  You will then be instructed on download procedures.  If you wish to purchase CDs, and not do a download, you will be shown a PDF file for each conference you are interested in, so that you can print it and mail it in to us.  CDs and DVDs will be mailed out usually within one to two weeks after receiving your order, pending our current travel schedule.